Today was an easy Sunday – I visited a museum, took a short walk, then went to my favorite store of all time, Target! (You know you love Tarjáy too). In the mist of it, I watched some inspiring and informal videos that I’d like to share if you haven’t run across them already.

As a young adult, I am still figuring my own personal flair. I love this short and sweet vid on the personal style of Cipriana, co-founder of Urban Bush Babes.

These may seem like obvious tips, but I really have not been keeping up with my nails this winter. The Polar Vortex has been brutal, drying out my hair, skin, and nails. If you’re falling in the wayside, these tips can get you back on track. 

I recently discovered Candace Marie Stewart via Instagram during NYFW. I was immediately impressed by her style and inspired by this video that shows working hard truly does pay off and to follow your dreams in spite of naysayers. 


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