All the fresh styles always start off as a good little hood thing” – Andre 3000 

I love fashion but I love it even more when “new trends” aren’t really so new after all. Bomber jackets have always been a staple for me since my last year of elementary school, when I actually started to care what I looked like and made sure my ponytail was still neat by 3 p.m. But the editors have spoken and declared the classic piece the latest it item. If you’re late to the bandwagon, try a floral print bomber that goes with everything. 

Bomber Jacket 1

This look is very around-the-way girl meets museum babe. Perfect for going to an opening at an art gallery then heading uptown for southern meal at Red Rooster. 

Bomber Jacket 2

For a more lady-like ensemble, a skater dress and sling-back shoes are wonderful spring accompaniments. And how cute are those bee earrings? 

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