Photo via @nickiminaj

A short rant about an “alternative” type of Care Free Black Girl. 

A “care free black girl” or CFBG is an eccentric, vibrant, tumblr-esque if you will type of woman. The word girl is incorporated to show the happy-go-lucky aspect of black women (read: we aren’t all angry for no reason). I’m a bit of a CFBG myself – I enjoy brunch and art and leaving my hair a bit disheveled before leaving the house. However, I see many pictures of CFBGs only represent earthy, bohemian, riding-bicycle, vegan/purist type of women. (No shade. I like bikes and vegan food!). But why is it limited to a certain type of woman?
I’m a closet Nicki Minaj fan but far from a “Barb”. I love when she raps, but those pop songs can be tossed right into the trash bin. However, her recent photo dump of her All Natural Everything pictures on Instagram blew me away. Nicki has always been a beautiful woman. But to see her in a light sans weave and enjoying herself on vacation screamed CFBG. Of course, 90% of her other photos are random memes and of her posted with a member of YMCMB. But seeing a much softer side of her made me think “Black Girls – #Winning!”. I’m loving natural Nicki and I hope to see more of this. 

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