Sexy Little Things
No bra with that blouse, it’s so necessary

Yup, those are my actual bras all lined up in my drawer. What can I say, I worked in lingerie retail for over three years and growing up, my grandmother always taught me to match my underwear even if I’m the only one who can see them. With that being said, I pretty much have no choice but to have a passion for pretty/sexy little things underneath. 
As you’re spring cleaning, its important to get rid of junk in all sections of your wardrobe AKA if it’s not cute, donate it to a shelter. Old and worn out? Toss. Your bras should not ride up your back, nor should the cup or straps have a gap. Besides, who doesn’t love the bright and pastel colors that spring has to offer? 
And don’t worry, upgrading your ladypants doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. H&M has super cute options and you can often get an entire set for less than $20. Gap has comfy, minimalist (and super soft!) undergarments better for everyday wear. They have a great 5 for $25 deal similar to Victoria’s Secret but the cotton undies are much more plush. For unique and/or bohemian pieces, I like For Love and Lemons and True & Co*. True & Co. is an online personalization lingerie boutique that lets you try before you buy. Etsy can pull in some one-of-a-kind pieces as well but may be harder to sort through. And for the high rollers, Net-A-Porter is your one stop shop for designer lingerie. Now excuse me while I weep at the latest Stella McCartney sorbet beauties. 
Ladies do you have any favorite lingerie tips or retailers?

Spring Lingerie

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