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Boricua, morena

My best friend and I are leaving for Puerto Rico Friday morning to continue celebrating her birthday and I couldn’t be more excited. Between working hard and this nonstop awful weather in NYC, I am due for sunny skies. We have a pretty extensive list of things we want to do and see – the main sights include the El Yunque Rainforest, the Bacardi distillery, and the beach on the small island of Culebra. And of course some authentic Puerto Rican cuisine.
So obviously a girl has to travel with at least a few ten essentials. I am trying my best not to overpack so I am purposely only bringing one travel tote to ensure I won’t be a bag lady.

My Picks: 
1. Marc Jacobs World Tote
    If you know me you know I’m a Marc Jacobs stan, but this tote was a must-have for me.
    The straw-like material and canvas is perfect beach destinations. The map lists all the
    major cities around the world, doubling as an inspirational checklist.
2. Peasant Top
    This is a very “me” type of shirt – flowy, loose, can be dressed up or down. You want a
    cool, breezy shirt to match your scenery. 
3. Tropical/Flowery Bathing Suit
    Much more suitable on an island than your local pool.     
4. Cut-Off Shorts
    Cut-offs are a summer staple in general, but I never go on any sunny-filled vacay without 
5. Sneakers
    You never know what type of day you’ll have on vacation. I love to take at least one day of 
     travel to explore the sights, so a good pair of walking shoes or sneakers is mandatory. 
6. Plain Hoops
    I cannot go anywhere without a pair of plain hoops. I am planning to bring a pair of
    decorated hoops as well, but a thin pair of gold hoops works for any occasion. 
7. Cat-eye Sunglasses
    This type of frame makes me feel fabulous, and it’s one of the only that fits my face. Pair
    with a polka-dot bikini for a serious retro-vibe. 
8. (Film) Camera
    Film cameras excite me because I love the thrill of not knowing exactly how the
    photograph will turn out until after it’s processed. Even if it’s a cheap disposable camera, I
    would opt for this instead of DLSR on adventurous trips in case of incidentals, unless of
    course photography is your passion/job. 
9. Toiletries
    Again, I am trying not to pack any just-in-case toiletries. The essentials are 
    shampoo/condtioner and a toothbrush/toothpaste duo because you may not like what the
    hotel offers. 
10. SPF Products
      It’s bad enough that uv rays can be harmful even on gloomy days, so please protect
      yourself and make sure your skin and lips are covered.

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  1. April 17, 2014 / 8:46 pm

    Love Puerto Rico and hope to make it to Culebra on a future trip there. Love your essentials — especially the bathing suit!

  2. April 24, 2014 / 7:56 pm

    Thank you! And I did not want to leave 🙁
    A travel diary is coming soon.

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