view from our rooftop.

Day One 
After a 7 a.m. flight, we were happy that San Juan greeted us with clear, sunny skies and a beautiful beach. Our hotel, San Juan Water and Beach Club, was conveniently located on the directly on the beach so of course that was our first stop (and yes it looks exactly like it does in pictures). Upon arrival our room wasn’t ready so we decided to grab brunch at El Alambique – a cute joint about two doors down – throw on our bathing suits and hit the water, then the gorgeous rooftop which we had all to ourselves. I can’t tell if the plane or the sun drained us but we stayed on the beach majority of the day. Since we were too tired to venture any further we actually ended up at El Alambique again for dinner then called it a night. 
Day Two 
Of course we went to El Alambique again (ha! they almost knew us by the time we left). Then hopped in a taxi and headed straight to Old San Juan. Talk. About. Breathtaking. I had no idea that every single street was filled with bright, rustic color. The best part are the historical sites, like the Castillo San Felipe Del Morro, located on the outskirts of the streets. We toured the area for a solid two hours then refueled at Cinema Bar. Two words: fish tacos. We also stopped at a small bookstore/gift shop. I made a vow to myself that I will purchase a book in each city I travel to. So i picked up a small book on Puerto Rican street art
We eventually made our way back to our side of town, Isla Verde, then later went to Platos, about a five minute walk from our hotel. One word: heaven. (If you notice, there will eventually be no words to describe Puerto Rican cuisine because it will leave you speechless!) I have no idea how they make their rice but I would be there everyday if I lived in PR. After dinner we were in search of discovering San Juan nightlife, and heard Brava Nightclub @ El San Juan Hotel was the closest option. I guessed we arrived too early because it was pretty dead but hey, we got in for free. To kill time we wasted a little money in the casino. We told ourselves we would come back to the nightclub but ended up getting drunk on our hotel rooftop instead. 

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