looking like a mami in Old San Juan.

Day Three

Day three was rainy for majority of the day so we skipped the beach. We headed back to Old San Juan in the evening to take pics eat at El Asador. If you are ever in Old San Juan, please check out this gem. Sometimes we think the  most crowded places are the best and that couldn’t be further from the truth. This place was practically empty but has the best deal ($23.50 for a prix fixe dinner) and the best pork chops I’ve ever tasted in my life. They were lightly grilled but still tender. We wanted to stay out late but we had to prepare for our super early adventure the next day. 
Day Four

We grabbed a quick breakfast at a nearby diner called Basillia’s, about a five minute walk from our hotel. The service was accommodating but the meal was mediocre. We actually ended up waking an hour too early so naturally we hit the beach before the rainforest tour guide showed up. 
The anticipation of exploring El Yunque Rainforest grew as we finally approached the site. It was practically the only excursion she had her heart set on. The first stop was at the watch tower with breathtaking views, where you can see the other parts of Puerto Rico, like Culebra, and can even spit St. Thomas. Shortly after hearing more information about the history of the rainforest and Puerto Rico, we finally started our hike. The hike was much easier than expected. The rainforest is lush and there are no animals, birds, snakes etc. One we got to the huge waterfall we were eager to take a dip…only to discover the water was freezing! And that’s an understatement. After we finished hiking back up, we stopped at the local restaurant on the way down called La Muralla, where they serve deep-fried Puerto Rican cuisine. Definitely the best plantains I had while on the island. 
Heading back home, we wanted to go out with a bang on our last night but it was Monday and the city was dead. Then came Old San Juan…and then El Asador. We couldn’t get enough of the pork chops. This time we sat outside, in the small alley on the cobble stone streets. I’ve never been to Spain but I could imagine this is what it felt like. 
The next morning before our flight, we took full advantage of hitting the beach just one more time. It was so beautiful and serene to be one of the only beachcombers out so early. We went to a local health food restaurant called Bajuice and ate our meal on the beach. 
All in all out trip was amazing. There weren’t any complications and things pretty much went as planned. I am definitely visiting Puerto Rico again in the future, maybe even a different part of the island. The people, the scenery, the food – everything we experienced exceeded our expectations. It was definitely a trip to remember. 


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