…because if you live in NYC, spring and summer no longer exist.

Didya know it’s Skin Cancer Awareness Month? Well I don’t want to lecture you because we all know the dangers the sun can cause, whether we adhere to safety precautions or not. But just one more time for those who don’t know, just wear SPF, no matter how much or how little melanin you have in your skin. I personally grew up with sensitive skin and a mother with extremely sensitive skin when it comes to sunlight, so I have always been on top of my SPF game since I can remember. 

Sure it may seem like a chore, but think about how much of a chore cancer could be…exxxactly. Also,  I’m no dermatologist but I know no one wants those brown spots covering their body from sun damage. 

The market has plenty of sunscreen options now, there’s really no excuse for those of you who hate the goopy mess some sunscreens cause. Try a spray. Try an oil. Try towelettes. 

Now, go let the sun shine in..safely of course. 

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