You may be thinking, “a not-so-cheap eat?” Yes, I too am shocked but I can say it was well worth it. However, I will give you the good news first. Da Marcella, located at 142 W. Houston, is probably the cheapest and most quaint Italian restaurant that I’ve stumbled upon in the city. There are at least ten dishes under $10 and most glasses of wine range from $7-11. BONUS** – On this tip I used the Scoutmob app which gave us 50% off our bill. Everything you see pictured above costed $20 total. I can’t make this up. Now if you’re ready for more awesomeness (but a heftier price tag) click below. 

Ok. Soco (509 Myrtle Ave.) lived up to the hype. I am usually not the type to get lured in by restaurants with any type of surrounding hype because I find myself let down in the end. But Soco gets a thumbs up. The chucked is fried to perfection, the mac-n-cheese is baked to a nice crisp, and the mimosas kept flowing. I was pleasantly surprised. However, this will set you back fifty bones. Well worth it but not for the broke at heart AKA me.


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