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The other night my friend and I attended the Refinery29 Style Stalking panel at the Apple store in SoHo for the launch of their new (and first) streetstyle book. Yea, at the end of the day it’s “just” clothes and there are way bigger fish to fry than worrying about what clogs match your shearling coat. But the talk inspired me. In fact, I’ve always been pro-Refinery29 even before they covered more verticals than fashion. It’s been my VOGUE in a sense, that I felt they speak my language and convey information that’s not only informative but also witty and power-packed with coolgirlrealness. But back to the panel speakers. Yes, they told some brief stories of drooling over Dries Van Noten and randomly choosing slime green as a hair color but it boiled down to something deeper – and that is taking risks.
Lately, I’ve been in a style rut. I blog about style and I’m constantly surrounding myself by fashion/art/culture. But constantly seeing high-fashion and what appears to be perfect lives via Instagram (another point the ladies made) saddens me that I can barely afford a nice pair of trousers from Zara*. Like give me a break, it’s not like i’m scraping pennies and skipping my rent to buy Céline.
But these beautiful women on the panel spoke about how it’s not all about how much money you spend and Instagram posts are mostly smoke-and-mirrors. Most of the clothes they get themselves are either on sale, fast fashion retailers like Uniqlo, vintage/thrift/consignment, or borrowed items. Newsflash! They have bills to pay too.

I said this to say that their words inspired me to git up git out and git something – and that something is my mojo back. Taking risks and trying new things with my hair, makeup, clothing. I’m twenty-three with essentially nothing holding me back from taking risks, especially with my image. Besides, no one pays attention to anything in New York anyway**. And not only in fashion, but taking risks with everything. What do I have to lose?

And if you own an Apple product, please go back and watch/listen to the podcast/video (amongst others).

* This isn’t to say I am not blessed for what I currently have. Mom don’t kill me. 
** This is actually the train I ride every single day. Sad I missed out on the festivities. 


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