perruque lace front
I have been accepted to be curly ambassador for Curls Understood. No, I am not solely a “natural hair” blogger however I applied to be an ambassador for CU because they don’t only focus on typical this-is-how-to-a-achieve-a-twistout type of posts. Curls Understood™ is a platform that delivers inspiration and information to the natural hair community with a special focus on new naturals. The mission is simple. We create and curate reliable content from around the web then organize it so you can get to what you need to know quickly. If you have natural hair you’ve been there and done that. I will be blogging there soon so look out for that. All curls welcome!
Additionally, I have began styling on Keaton Row. Essentially I was already styling via Polyvore so I decided to venture out (and plan on monetizing) on a bigger platform. See looks I’ve created below and hire me to be your personal stylist.


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