I’m goin’ fishin’ with these little bitty shrimp dips. (photo: StyleCaster)
Let me just start out by saying that this is my ideal food menu pictured above. Ok, now back to the subject at hand: all of my money goes to food. What used to be coins spent at sample sales, has turned into currency for cuisine. I try to spend less on food, I really do. But I get immense satisfaction from savory treats – pad Thai, Dominican chicken stew and rice, classic pepperoni pizza. None of these are particularly healthy, but they take me to a mental place of peace and that counts for something right? New York also makes it a piece of cake to order from a wide range of local restaurants no matter what neighborhood you live in. Seamless, if you’re reading this you are responsible for bankrupting me. If you too love take-out, at least do me a favor and save $10 on your next order.


And if you prefer home cooked meals, shop take-out inspired miscellaneous items above. 

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