Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser from the 60th anniversary party in conjunction with W Magazine. 

I’m gonna be honest, I’m weary of high-end products or products that aren’t all natural that claim to have shea butter or argan oil or some other butter/oil that is great for your skin because that typically means theres a tiny bit of it actually in the tube. But this Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser has proved itself to be on good side. I’ve used it everyday this week and I am loving the results. I have extremely sensitive skin and I have yet (hopefully not at all) to experience a breakout from this product. 
The package also came with a few small pamphlets on the history of the brand and how to correctly use the products. The Clarins method to wash your face is: 
1. Before performing any Methods, warm Clarins formulas to skin temperature in the plasm of your hands. This will facilitate the penetration. 
2. Apply products to clean, dry skin with full palms of your hands. Never pull, stretch or rub skin. 
3. Exert firm, yet gentle, manual pressure as directed. This stimulates blood flow, speeds up the delivery of nutrients and oxygen within your skin, and activates lymphatic drainage to help eliminate fluids and toxins. 
The texture is light and creamy. The foam isn’t overwhelming and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry and crackly. In addition to me using raw shea butter as a facial moisturizer, this is a complimenting cleanser to pack in some extra goodness for these harsh winter temps. 
What are you using this winter?


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