last minute gift guide

More Issues Than Vogue, Pencils / for your dramatic friend 
Kate Spade Take Note If I Do Say So Myself Large Notebook / for your friend who thinks Dussé is the sh*t 
Schmidts Bergamot + Lime Deodorant  / 
Off Scot Free Card / for the person in your life who only has one more lifeline 
C. Wonder Initial Stud Earring / 
Addwigs / for your fashionable but dehydrated friend 
J. Crew Vivez le rêve tee / for your carefree friend
Donut Ankle Socks / for your foodie friend who’s on a diet 
Harry’s Winter Winston Set / for the bearded gent in your life 
Prom dress / for your mom to add some sparkle to her chic chignons 
C. Wonder Tourism Latte Mug / for the wanderlust 
Nars 3.1 Philip Lim Nail Polish / for your friend who loves labels they can’t afford 
Kinfolk Magazine Kinfolk Volume 11 / for the New Yorker who longs to be in sunny California 
J. Crew Savon de Marseille Mini Lotion / for your moisturized-challenged friend 
Marc Jacobs Fur Pom Pom Beanie / for your friend who lives in arctic temps (cough, New York) and needs a pop of color 


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