The new year is six days in but it’s never too late to start making resolutions. In fact, this is the perfect time. Besides, I’m still rubbing confetti out of my eyes. But for every email blast about chic sneakers to hit your New Years workout goal in style, there’s another saying how you should strive to un-resolution. It seems as though the internet has killed the New Years resolution. Sure, most of us don’t stick to them past the first week month anyway but what’s wrong with setting goals and at least attempting to get a fresh start? I personally make goals for myself frequently throughout the year, but I made it a point to freshen them up and evaluate what I want to achieve this year. It may seem corny or cliche but jotting down goals always helps me stay aligned with my dreams. Here are a few of my resolutions: 
  1. Read and write more – As a writer, this should be a no-brainer but it’s easier said than done
  2. Work out at least twice a week – *dusts off Kanye’s Workout Plan*
  3. Spend less on food – Seamless has burned several holes in my pocket 
  4. Be more consistent with my blog and social media – The internet is so daunting 
  5. Be more outgoing – I wear black on the outside because that’s how I feel on the inside  

What are you resolving for the New Year?

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