This week New York hosted several menswear fairs for market week, including Capsule Market, Agenda, Man/Woman, MRKT, Project, and Liberty Fairs. The fairs showcased well known brands like McQ by Alexander McQueen all the way down to new brands like Wheelers.V

I happened to spot one of the only women’s lines included in the fair in the Cockpit USA booth. Think authentic pilot bombers with fur in nylon and leather made exclusively from vintage materials. And while there were many new menswear brands to check out, Wheelers.V caught my eye with their classic silhouettes – crew cut pullovers, tapered sweatpants, and zip-up sweaters – and play on words. I was also attracted to the monochromatic color scheme presented throughout the entire collection. Last but not least, I enjoyed a ginger-lemonade cocktail made with Brooklyn Gin, made fresh to order. 
Which fairs, if any, did you enjoy during market week?

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