snowed in with #bae – bacon and eggs

So the Polar Vortex aka Snowpocalypse aka Snowmaggedon aka Stay the BLEEP Indoors has came and went and now you’re stuck indoors. On the contrary, this doesn’t eliminate you from making the best of it. In no particular order here are my suggestions of what to do in a state of emergency blizzard.

  1. Crank dat Soulja Boy – celebrate an unexpected day of not working
  2. Drink lots of wine – make your own wine tasting session, because culture
  3. Research the history of salt – or whatever other inquisition you’ve been meaning to discover 
  4. Watch old French black and white films – Jean-Luc Godard’s Breathless will leave you just that
  5. Eat a crap load of ice cream – because why not

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