Spring is here, or is it? Quite frankly, I’m completely over this weather. NYC tried to redeem itself with a few spurts of heat rays only to be duped in the same week with snow/rain/freezing temps and I’ve had it. And while I may not be able to afford a sun-filled, blissful sabbatical, a staycation wouldn’t hurt. Yes, it’s still in NYC. But seeing a dreary Gotham City for months on end can make one’s eyes and heart fatigued.  
Staycations are cool because they’re cheaper than a full-blown out of town vacation. Plus it may be easier to round up friends to go away for a weekend and it gives you a little break without having to go through security with no shoes on. 
I personally haven’t been on a formal staycation (*cough* to friends and family) but my first pick (if asked whereto venture) would be the Stickett Inn. Pun may or may not be intended. 

The Stickett Inn is located in Barryville, NY just two hours away from New York City. It’s accessible via public transportation and prices start at $125 nightly. There are four, two-room suites: EAT, SOAK, DRINK, and STEAM. All suites include memory foam mattress, rain showers, flat screen tv with cable, free wifi, iPod docking station, Malin + Goetz products, Upstate bedding, and local food and beverages curated by Region General Store.
It’s such a tough decision of hypothetically choosing between which I would stay in, but I would have to go with SOAK. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with stand-alone tubs. Combine that with constant walking the mean streets of NYC in heavy boots and you’ve got one soak-ready lil’ lady. 
If you’re gonna do it, do it right. Pursoma Hot Tub Bath combats that winter-to-spring cold, aches, and fatigue. French green clay, French grey sea salt, and organic ginger root powder is the makeup of a blend so rejuvenating, you might make your staycation permanent. 

Who are we kidding? It’s still cold out. And while it is, you might as well enjoy some bourbon. J.R. Revelry anyone? 

Plated is a meal prep delivery service. If you’re not out trying the local eateries, load up your cooler and transport your meals to prepare for later. Yes, cooking is a task. But the bright side is, you’ll have more space here than in your tiny railroad kitchen at home. 
More of a shower person than a tub aficionado? Try the relaxing Fig + Yarrow Facial Steam to upgrade your standard shower and let the natural herbs invigorate your skin. 

Call or email to book a room. 

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