Another day, another dolla argan oil. Like to hear it? Here it goes…

Am I becoming obsessed with argan oil? Perhaps. Yes, I’m aware I’m late to the game but better late than never. For this go round, I gave these Pura d’or products several tries before reviewing to see how they compare to my other argan oil products.


First warning: the shampoo has a medicinal smell. It does not linger, but if you are sensitive to smells or believe that nothing medicinal should come within ten feet of your mane, this shampoo is not for you. However the medicinal smell derives from the DHT properties, which prevent hair loss. There are no harsh chemicals, no SLS, and no parabens. The shampoo will also leave your hair with that squeaky-clean feeling, so it’s best yo use if you have a lot of build up.
On the plus side, the lavender vanilla conditioner will eliminate the smell of the shampoo and linger on for an all-day olfactive treat. The consistency is a bit thinner than I personally like to use on my texture hair but it does add moisture and I can’t resist the smell. Additionally it’s a great detangler if left on the hair for three minutes or longer.
*Final verdict: Love the properties of the ‘poo but I currently do not need anything to make my hair thicker so I probably won’t be using it so often. And as for the conditioner – great properties and love ‘no harsh chemicals’ but I would prefer to have a thicker texture for my thick tresses.
But tell me, who/what wins the argan oil hair wars for you?
*This post was sponsored by BrandBacker and Pura d’or but views are my own*

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