Anyone with a mother or grandmother that indulged in any type of beauty regime is familiar with Avon. But who knew I would discover a treasure trove of classic grooming products from the direct-selling beauty line in 2015?

I’m sure everyone knew at least one Avon saleslady in their lifetime. I once pictured  myself hosting Avon parties – a very ladies who lunch scenery – that included on-hand beauty tutorials and cocktails and me walking away with a pocket full of cash. This was the 90s, mind you, before online beauty portals made door-to-door sales seem irrelevant. But once the Avon ladies started becoming a thing of the past, I would’ve never guessed I would still be using anything from the company in 2015. And here I am. But ok, there’s a catch.

During a post-tidying “spa” session at my beau’s house, I found myself digging through his overwhelming arsenal of grooming products. Instead of trying everything under the sun, I stuck with the basics and behold, stumbled upon Avon. The bath oil scent alone brought on the nostalgia, which I squirted a few pumps in an Epsom salt-filled tub.

After full-body moisturizing, I sprayed my toes with the cooling spray, applied the corn and callus balm (in the small jar), then slathered on the cooling lotion.

Last but not least, I used a scrub on my hands (not pictured) to slosh off dead skin then applied the nail experts cuticle warming scrub. Definitely never seen a product like this and it actually warms! I stay away from cutting my cuticles however they do feel and look more polished.

What classics do you use for at-home spa treatments?


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