The next day we woke up early and visited the Miami Beach Botanical Garden only one block from our hotel. It was a small botanical garden but a good jump start for the day. Admission is always free and the location is convenient. 
Shortly after, we ate breakfast at Abuelas Cuban Kitchen, also just a few blocks from our stay and next to Lincoln Road Mall. Since we didn’t know when else we would have time, we decided to eat Cuban sandwiches and empanadas. Now, this isn’t a fancy spot but it’s perfect if you want authentic Cuban food. 
Next stop: Vizcaya Museum and Garden. The pictures honestly don’t do this place justice. The sprawling estate is now “tiny” compared to the land that it once occupied in the 1800s. I don’t want to go into a history lesson but I would definitely recommend carving out at least an hour to visit, especially if you’re into arts/culture/history. 

and after…. 
Our last stop was The Clevelander rooftop. We took a few shots and partied for a few hours before calling it a night. So far, it looks like The Clevelander is the one of the best spots for a fun nightlife with unpretentious vibes. 
The next morning before departure, I had to hit the beach…even if if was 8 am and I almost missed my flight. The beach was so peaceful in the morning; a great time for quick relaxation and serenity. 

Until next time, Miami….

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