Summer is full of humidity, cookouts, and outdoor weddings. While picking out wedding guest attire isn’t nearly as daunting as selecting a wedding dress, you still always want to steer clear of anything to trendy/tight/inappropriate/white – the list goes on.

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When I searched for my attire I had one word in mind – vintage. A vintage dress is a sure way to know that you won’t show up to the wedding as a twin to the groom’s third cousin twice removed. That dress on sale at Zara may be tempting but step away. And vintage doesn’t mean it has to be fugly or expensive – I found my vintage Betsey Johnson dress at Beacon’s Closet for $24.99. It’s 100% silk and almost fit to a T. I made a minor alteration on the shoulders, which came to $30, and I ordered my platform faux-suede heels on Amazon for $22. My silk clutch is also from Beacon’s Closet for $20.
For the gents, I recommend wearing a linen or cotton suit especially for outdoor ceremonies. If you’re attending a wedding for a younger couple, a full three-piece suit isn’t necessary. Uniqlo has great options for under $100 in solid colors and prints. A solid loafer and printed handkerchief completes your look.

wedding guest 3
The most important thing to remember for all guests is dress to impress but never upstage the bride and groom. 
Last but not least, it was an honor to celebrate the light and love with the bride and groom, who are also dear friends of mine. I wish you a lifetime of bliss. 

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