“Brunch for dinner?! Absolutely not!” – said no one ever.

Monday night I experienced The Late Late‘s new brunch menu. The Late Late is an Irish pub but not your standard bar you might find in Midtown. Located in the LES, it’s decor is homey and the lighting is moody. The menu features traditional Irish breakfasts and a spread called Jameson butter. Yes, that Jameson.

Mimosas were served but their brunch cocktails include concoctions like Barry’s Rum Punch and How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful that may make you second guess getting a glass of champagne. 

The entree’s are affordable, the food is heavy, and the bottomless drinks range from $15-25. 

The Late Late is located on 159 E. Houston St. Brunch runs Saturday and Sunday, 12-5pm. 

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