Just when I thought the last thing I would rent would be Blockbuster movies…
Introducing Rocksbox! Rocksbox is a subscription service that sends you three pieces of jewelry a month to rent and if you decide to keep them, you pay online and it’s yours to keep. The service costs $19/month and each month you automatically receive $10 in credit to shop your favs. 
So far, I’ve been loving my Rocksbox jewels. I’m actually not a heavy jewelry wearer so this service is perfect for me to interchange my gems once I’m ready to rock something new. 

Ring: Wanderlust and Co.
Necklace: Kendra Scott
Below is a cute little info graphic to instruct you on how to care for your borrowed baubles: 
Ready to try your first box free? Use my code arianabff32. Keep on shinin’. 

photos: Max Twitty of @GentsAmongMen

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