The Upper East Side doesn’t get much love in the culinary department, but Panames traditional Parisian flare makes the under-the-radar restaurant worth the trip. 

Paname is French slang for “Paris”. Paname serves classic French delicacies, like escargot and bouillabaisse, with a visually stimulating presentation. The atmosphere is cozy, the lights are dim – the overall vibe is relaxed, perfect for a date night. 
The prix fixe dinner menu is a steal – three courses for just $38 that includes an appetizer, entree, and dessert. 
The organic chicken breast with pine nuts and compote d’aubergines (eggplant compote) and a delightful surprise – fresh potato chip crisps. 
The fresh tilapia comes with asparagus and almonds, and arome framboises (that’s French for raspberry aromas). The fish was seared to perfection – it melts in your mouth. And the crunch of the almond made for a pleasurable texture. 
The cream brûlée was just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. It’s perfectly crisp on top and creamy underneath. It’s rare that cream brûlée is the right amount of both crispy and creamy but Paname got it just right. A bonus that it’s dreamy to look at. 
The stunner was the chocolate lava cake. The presentation alone was almost too pretty to eat. I recommend ordering a scoop of ice cream to pair with this mini chocolate volcano. 
Now on what to wear for date night. Since Paname is casual with a traditional French aesthetic, go for a modern Audrey Hepburn look. 

Paname is located at 1068 2nd Ave between 56th and 57th streets. 
photos: Max Twitty of @GentsAmongMen 



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