If you’re a smoker – cigarettes, cigars, or ganja – you know that the habit also comes with an odor. My significant other and I frequent cigar shops. While it’s a place of relaxation, I always end up loathing the funky after-smell after we leave. To combat the problem, I’ve been throwing Squelch spray in my bag.  

Why this product is great: 
Fragrance free
All natural and non-toxic
Does not stain or fade fabrics
Portable and convenient to carry and store
Environmentally friendly
Can be used to remove stains

When to “Squelch It”:
It comes in a small bottle – perfect for your purse, gym bag or desk drawer
Great to use after your lunch break workout class
Safe to spray on your hair and clothes to get rid of that smoke smell from the bar
Freshen up your apartment before a cocktail party
Use on the musty winter wardrobe you just pulled out from under the bed
Spruce up that new vintage store find
Clean up your furry friend

*This post was sponsored by Out of Office NY Network and Squelch but views are my own*

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