Ok, first things first – I have dry/sensitive skin so keep that in mind when reading this review. 🙂 I received this full size sample of their Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask from Valentia and after one use I love it.
First reaction – it is a little tingly for the first two minutes but my skin adjusted shortly after. Beauty is pain people! After sitting with the mask for 15 minutes and sipping #lemonade lemon water, I washed off the mask gently with warm water to reveal smoother skin – and a pimple on my forehead was already noticeably smaller. To be fair, I have pretty good skin and rarely have breakouts. But this clay mask really lives up to its name.
Valencia’s Skin Detoxifying Clay mask will:

Draw out impurities
Improve skin tone
Reduce pore size
Firm & strengthen skin 

Over time, I will be able to tell if it improves skin tone, something I am definitely looking to get out of a beauty product. 
Some of the key ingredients that makes up this magic mask are CoQ10, responsible for reproducing cells; hibiscus & cranberry fibers, which carry anti-aging properties; and astaxanthin, an antioxidant that repairs collagen and combats free radicals. And of course Kaolin clay, a gentle but powerful clay widely known for its detoxifying powers. Kaolin clay minerals draw out skin impurities, improve skin tone, and tighten pores for smoother firmer skin.
And now, the coupon code! Valencia is offering 35% off for their Spring Re-Fresh Sale with code REFRESH35The mask is also available for purchase on Amazon.

For my girls on a budget, you can try this Valentia Glow Detox Water with a few simple ingredients:

1 liter of water
4 sliced strawberries
1 sliced apple (we like Fuji)
small handful of fresh Mint
juice of one lime
ice for serving

Add all of the above except the ice to a large pitcher and stir. Store in the fridge to keep it cold. Serve over ice for a refreshing treat.

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*This post was sponsored by BrandBacker and Valentia but views are my own*


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