While many credit the original Mojito recipe to Sir Francis Drake in Cuba, there is overwhelming evidence that the cocktail was actually invented by Africans working in the sugar cane fields in the region. In fact, the cocktail name actually comes from the African word mojo, meaning “little spell.” This National Mojito Day, STARR Rum and The Same Paige Co. invite you to raise a glass to the Mojito’s muddled history and celebrate with these recipes from STARR Rum, which is proudly distilled in Mauritius in the Southeast Coast of Africa.


STARR Mojito (Optional to make “Skinny” only 60 calories | 0 sugar | 0 carbs)

2 ounces of Starr Rum
1 ounce of Fresh Lime Juice
1 ounce of Refined Sugar (2 packets of sugar substitute for sugar & carb free)
1 ounce of Soda Water
10 Fresh Mint Leaves


    Mo-Pho-Jito (Created by Jerry Garbus)

    2 ounces of Starr Rum
    3/4 ounces of Fresh Lime Juice
    3/4 ounces of Lime-Mint Simple Syrup
    1 ounce of Coriander-Honey Gastrique
    6 Fresh Mint Leaves
    1 Lime Wedge
    1 Ripped Lime Leaf


      Watermelon Mojito – (makes 6 drinks – 1 bottle makes 2 pitchers!)
      12 ounces of Starr Rum
      6 slices of Fresh Watermelon (without rind)
      3 Limes (juiced)
      30 Fresh Mint Leaves

        Whether toasting at home, on a rooftop or with friends, Starr Rum wishes you a happy National Mojito Day!

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