Studio Kraut is a foodie’s dream. Not only are their dishes visually stunning, but they taste even better. Located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, what used to be Pounds and Ounces has transformed from bougie brunch to boozy (laid-back) brunch.

photo via: @studiokraut

Now the eatery combines Berlin inspired street art with classic German dishes, like the Chicken Schnitzel. This thinly cut, breaded golden joy is served with asparagus and fresh red mashed potatoes, and is on both the brunch and dinner menu.

And ok, I know what you’re thinking – most places have a Breakfast Pizza and Waffles on the menu. But the addition of kielbasa atop a bed of aged cheddar, avocado, hollandaise, and sunny side up egg on tomato flatbread gives it a German twist.

Another notable dish on Studio Kraut’s brunch menu – the Triple Chocolate Meltdown Bohemian Waffles. Stuffed with white and dark chocolate mousse and nutella, re-battered, and chocolate shavings and syrup drizzles on top, they are indeed a showstopper.

Oh but how could one getränk without libations?

For summer, a must is the prosecco with a boozy, mango ice pop by Citysticks. Yes, you will be filling your prosecco with more liquor. Yes you will enjoy it. Be sure to let the pop marinate a bit to really soak up all the flavor.

The ‘Haring & Pop’ cocktail, with stoli strasberi, fresh lime juice, strawberry-balsamic puree, prosecco and decorated with a rock candy pop, hence the name.

The Biten-Biten has bulleit rye, vanilla infusion, fernet branca, lavender bitters, root beer, and yes gummy worms for the playful at heart.

And of course there’s no such thing as brunch without mimosas. Studio Kraut offers an amazing $19 unlimited brunch special.

Bonus: 50 Cent parties here and there’s a cocktail that features Effen Vodka. Just saying’.

photos: @GentsAmongMen 

Studio Kraut is located at 160 8th Avenue at 18th Street

Thank you The Same Paige Co. and Keiran at Studio Kraut

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