Not to get all Chicken-Soup-For-The-Soul here, but self-care is important. And as I’m approaching my quarter-life year on this Earth, I am realizing that more and more. Now my ideal self-care would involve me sipping Frosé, in a tub full of roses and essential oils, while getting a scalp massage and watching The Real Housewives.

But since that’s not always feasible, a hot cup of green tea and chilling in my robe post-shower will do. One of my favorite and budget friendly ways to spruce me up is simply using a new decadent body wash or body butter. You could read a good book, give yourself a pedicure, or binge watch junk TV – whatever your vice for self-care is, carve out the time to do so. With all that’s going on in this crazy world, we need to be self-serving sometimes. 

How are you taking care of yourself this Sunday?


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