Don’t let the slight change in temperature fool you – you still need your SPF! And with all of these Zika scares, insect repellant wouldn’t hurt either. That’s where SMART STUFF™comes in. 
We all know the importance of SPF. The obvious – it helps protect your skin from cancer, dark spots, and aging. While any form of SPF is beneficial to your dermis, SMART STUFF™ takes the extra step by adding no synthetic chemicals, being free of parabens, PABA, petroleum, phthalates, gluten, and doesn’t leave any streaky white marks. 
The Natural Insect Repellant uses natural botanical oils to repel mosquitos and deer ticks and also contains no artificial chemicals. 
All of the SmartStuff products are created by physicians Lisa A. Liberatore, MD and Dimitri N. Kessaris, MD, who strive to make safe and healthy products for children and adults. A portion of the profits from SMART STUFF™ goes towards supporting Luv Michael, a non-profit dedicated to educating, training and employing individuals with Autism. I always strive to use natural products when I can, especially since I have sensitive skin and I love companies that give back and bring awareness to different causes. 
So whether you’re in the city…

 Or taking a dip in the pool…
Don’t forget to protect your skin with SMART STUFF™
*This post was sponsored by SMART STUFF™and BrandBacker but views are my own*


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