My dad at the Atlantis, Bahamas on family vacation – 2014
It’s true. All day I do dream about travel. I’m consumed by wanderlust. I am itching to see the world, yearning to taste authentic cuisine, and eager to embrace new cultures. Whether traveling domestically to Cuba by-way-of Miami or internationally to Stuttgart, Germany, I love to explore all cultures and at 25, I’ve barely scratched the world’s surface.
Me on a girl’s getaway in Miami – 2016
I admit, a big part of my wanderlust stems from social media. It’s easy to get lost in a never ending timeline of stylized utopias. But I’m planning my dream itinerary with a little help from Radisson Blu Hotels.
How can you choose just five of the nearly 300 destinations that Radisson Blu offers? Top notch luxury, world-class amenities, and contemporary designs, Radisson Blu offers a vivid visual celebration of leading-edge style where the delight is in the detail. Radisson Blu hotels are located in prime locations in major cities, airport gateways and leisure destinations across the world. 
First stop: Paris at the Radisson Blu Champs Elysses Hotel 
Call me cliché, call me anything you want, just make sure you call me when you’re taking me to Paris. This scenic hotel is in the heart of the city of romance, close to to the Louvre, Notre Dame, and Eiffel Tower. 
Next up: Marrakesh at the Radisson Blu Carre Eden Hotel
In a city like Marrakesh, I instantly think of opulence with Moroccan flair. The Carre Eden doesn’t disappoint. 
Next: Cape Town at the Radisson Blue Waterfront Hotel
I am obsessed with cities that offer city votes juxtaposed with scenic views. Oh, and South Africa has some of the greatest wines in the world. 
Almost there: Abu Dhabi at the Radisson Blu Yas Island
I’ve wanted to go to Abu Dhabi since Sex in the City 2 – sue me. Of course everything is better with full time butlers and Chanel headscarves, but the dreamy views at Yas Island make up for it. 
Final stop: Back in Europe at the Radisson Blue Milan
Picture it: you’ve just left your final show at Milan Fashion Week and now you can relax with espresso and a cigar in your comfy suite. 
What are your top destinations around the world? Explore Radisson Blu’s Paper City and see the intricate architecture of the city – bringing the art, food and cultures of real cities to life. While you’re at it, enter for your chance to win a trip around the world!
The grand prize includes 30 nights at any five Radisson Blu hotel destinations and airfare for two.
Connect with Radisson Blu on social media: @RadissonBlu on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook(dot)com/RadissonBlu

Thank you to Radisson Blu for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to dream up my trip around the world!

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