For the past six months or so, I’ve incorporated oil cleansing into my skincare routine. I have really dry skin/eczema and found that oil cleansing keeps my skin more supple (before applying moisturizer) than traditional facial cleansers. So it never occurred to me that I should also be using a soap cleanser in addition to the oil. With Erno Laszlo‘s skincare system, I discovered #ThePowerOfTwo. Keep reading for the full review of Erno Laszlo’s sensitive skin double cleanse set.

The cleansing oil incorporates jojoba and olive oils while the cleansing bar contains honey, calendula extract – just a few of the soothing ingredients for sensitive skin.

First Impressions:

I’ve been using the product for about two weeks now and honestly, I need the full size! I was nervous about the double cleanse being too harsh for my skin. And although I wouldn’t recommend using each product overtime you cleanse (unless you wear heavy makeup), using both occasionally won’t cause drying/peeling/etc. And I am absolutely obsessed with how well the oil removes my mascara. Plus, a little goes a long way. As much as I’ve used these products frequently, I still have a lot left and the bar looks as if I’ve barely used it.

I wouldn’t expect anything less from such a beauty powerhouse, but sometimes skin care products can do more damage than good.

New to the double cleanse method like me? Check out this short instructional video by Erno Laszlo.

The Erno Laszlo products were sponsored by Influenster but views are my own


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