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I love to dine out and try new experiences all the time, but sometimes you just can’t beat quality time at home with friends. After years of having horror roommate situations, I have finally been settled for the last two by living with my BFF. We do have our own lives but we always look forward to Girls Night In. What’s better than watching trash TV and drinking cocktails over fresh fruit and charcuterie? But instead of our usual wine, we decided to switch it up with a little Seamgram’s Gin.

Seagram’s Gin is the best drink for hanging out with your friends at home and having fun. I don’t mind playing bartender for my BFF. She loves to cook and I love to mix cocktails – so it’s a perfect harmony. My go-to cocktail for the summer, using Seagram’s Gin of course, is two parts gin to three parts sparkling lemonade topped with rosemary or basil and light ice. So refreshing!

Most people reach for vodka as a cocktail base but Seagram’s Gin is easy to enjoy – very mixable, and with 7 different flavors + extra dry, there’s something for everyone.

An American Staple:

The Seagram’s Gin name has a Canadian past, but the gin was born American. Built on a rich heritage of whiskey, Seagram’s Extra Dry Gin quickly became Prohibition’s answer to “bathtub” gins and ultimately the catalyst from which Seagram’s Gin created an empire in the U.S. Almost 80 years later Seagram’s Gin is still proudly distilled in its hometown of Lawrenceburg, IN. It remains a well-known household name and has earned its position as America’s #1 gin.

Quality Standard:

Seagram’s Gin is a true quality standard in the category with award-winning credibility. It offers gin drinkers a great taste at a great value.
Using the finest botanicals and select neutral grains, Seagram’s Gin uses a time-tested cold-distillation process to consistently deliver the smooth and mellow taste Seagram’s Gin is known for in every bottle.

Real and Enduring:

In a category that relies on the big night out promise or doubles-down on the craft cocktail renaissance, Seagram’s Gin is a refreshing change of pace for its progressive spirit, real attitude and trusted status. It doesn’t promise to be something it’s not, yet still represents the best qualities of the American spirit—strength, inclusiveness and optimism—backed up by a long-standing history of quality gin-making and family tradition that stands the test of time.

Home Hangouts:

At the end of the day drinking is social, but the best of times are made right at home. As people trade in the scene and selfies for easy going at home hangouts, Seagram’s Gin is a familiar name that everyone knows and trust to share. It’s a respectable quality gin to raise the bar of any home and the go-to for quality time spent with those people you want to connect with the most.

Seagram’s proves that spending time at home can be just as, if not more than, fun as going out! So who will you be raising a glass with?

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