Every now and then you just need a getaway but factors like budget and time hinder you taking a real vacation.

Staycations are increasingly popular because, 1. ideally they cost less than a vacation and 2. it’s a chance to still explore your city and have a home-away-from-home experience.
I recently had a staycation in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan at Sixty LES. It’s a chic and hip hotel geared towards millennials, fully equipped with a gym, spa, rooftop bar, and pool that’s open during the warm seasons. I booked a King Suite – who wants to be in a hotel room the same size as their actual room.
After I dropped my bags, it was time for my staycation to start. I know the whole idea is to relax, but it’s hard to relax in NYC. So first stop was the One World Observatory in the Financial District. Yes, it’s in a different neighborhood but a quick Gett ride downtown was just 15 minutes. I’m usually not into tourist-y attractions but I was beyond impressed with the One World Observatory. The view alone is breathtaking. It’s the highest point in Manhattan and you can see as far out to Coney Island. The elevators turn into an interactive visual history lesson – as you go higher on each floor, a timeline of NYC from the 1500s to present day is flashed before your eyes completely covering the elevator. Once off, you’re shown a short presentation about NYC on a mock skyline. The skyline raises and reveals the real skyline of Manhattan and it’s beautiful to say the least.

And then there were cocktails…

After I was done playing tourist, I headed back to the LES for some comfort food from Pianos. Pianos is a bi-level bar that frequently has live music acts and an all-day happy hour. It’s one of the only bars I’ve ever been to that the food is equally as impressive as the drinks and I love the laid back vibe.

The weather was gloomy so I decided to head back to the hotel and finally check out the rooftop bar, Tiki Tabu. The space was enclosed due to weather but the bar is tiki themed and caters to a hipster crowd.

I headed back to my room and ordered food from Serafina through Seamless and called it a night. The next morning I went to brunch at Spitzers, a less than 5 minute walk from the hotel. The food was amazing. Unfortunately, there are no brunch specials or bottomless mimosas but the quality of the food made up for that. The french toast entree is so sweet and savory that it doesn’t even require syrup. The fresh berries and whipped cream are all you need. And the country style breakfast has some of the best grits I’ve ever had in my life – and I’m from the south. Undeniable.

Luckily I had late check-out, so post-brunch meant a quick nap. But before you know it I was back to reality and the regular hustle and bustle of life.
And now the good, the bad, and the ugly…Sixty LES is in a prime location – in close proximity to historical sites as well as local, hip hangouts. I couldn’t have asked for a better location. However I don’t think the rooms are worth the price tag. Although my room was on sale, I still think it was overpriced once I settled in. There were several issues with the TV that I had to get fixed multiple times. You can’t connect devices like Amazon Firestick – which is understandable to a degree but if you already paid for the room, why not be able to watch what you want to watch. The sofa was disheveled permanently, as if a child jumped on it and they didn’t bother to fix it. And my special welcome amenity, was simply a tiny box of chocolates. A lot of the fixtures could also use an upgrade. And the shower head has absolutely no directions on which way is hot or cold, low pressure or high pressure. 
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