Negroni Week is a week-long international celebration that brings bartenders, restaurants and Campari lovers together to celebrate one of the world’s greatest cocktails.
It’s the 5th annual anniversary and it’s a full on at this point, with celebrations taking place in New York, Italy, Sydney, LA and a ton of other cities worldwide. 

There’s everything from the Red Planet Negroni, Galaxy Negroni Sbagliato and the Mai-Tai Unigroni and a ton more.

These are also all charitable partnerships, in which a portion of proceeds go to the charity of the vendors choice (such as City Harvest, Mercy Corps, and the WILD Foundation). Who doesn’t want to drink for charity? 

From cocktails to ice cream sandwiches, there are so many ways you can get in on the Negroni fun. Check out these three stand out cocktail recipes below. 

Galaxy Negroni Sbagliato 

Created by Naren Young, Dante (NYC)
1 oz. Campari 
1 oz. Cinzano 1757 
Cinzano Prosecco to top

Pour Campari and Cinzano 1757 over ice in a collins glass that has been sprayed with a chamomile tincture. Add 3 dashes of chamomile tincture and a pinch of edible silver glitter. Top with Prosecco.

Mai-Tai Unigroni


0.75 oz. Campari 
1.25 oz. Appleton Reserve 
.5 oz. Cinzano Bianco 
0.5 oz. Cinzano 1757 
0.5 oz. Lime Juice 
1 oz. Bonita Biz*
0.25 oz. Red Wine Float

Butterfly Pea Tea Ice

Build ingredients in a shaker tin, and fill shaker with ice. Hard shake and double strain into a rocks glass over large butterfly pea tea/glitter ice cube. Float red wine and garnish with mint sprig.

*Bonita Biz

The Red Planet Negroni

Created by Leo Robitschek, The NoMad (NYC)
1 oz. Campari
1.5 oz. Cinzano 1757
2 oz. Bulldog Gin
Clarified Milk Mixture*

Follow instructions below to create clarified milk punch. Serve in a rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with two star-shaped orange twists. 

*Clarified Milk Mixture 
3 oz. Milk
1 oz. Lemon Juice
1.5 oz. Spice Rooibos Tea Syrup
1.5 oz. Pineapple Juice

Heat up milk until just under a simmer. Take the pot off the heat and add the lemon juice. Stir slowly until the curds and the whey separate. Add the remaining ingredients and mix. Pour all of the ingredients slowly through a superbag until the punch becomes clear, and the repeat the filtering process.

Which cocktail(s) will you be making for Negroni Week? Let me know in the comments below and follow me on Instagram for behind the scenes look at the official Negroni Week kick-off party on June 5. 


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