Tone’s NEW Brazilian Glam body wash line has me so excited for summer, despite less than pleasant temps here in NYC. But no worries, one shower later and I’m instantly transported to the islands of São Paulo (with a Caipirinha in hand, natch).
I rarely use loofahs, but it’s hard not to want to lather all this Brazilian Glam over my body. Loofahs don’t soak up all the product like wash cloths, so a little Tone goes a long way. Plus, loofahs have natural exfoliating properties which gives your body a natural glow. And remember to never shower in excessive temperatures as it causes to skin to dry out.


The Blissful Awakening Body Wash has an energetic fragrance infused with caffeine and vanilla blossom. It’s definitely great for those who need that extra caffeine boost in the morning. The scent awakens your senses plus smells heavenly, to boot!
The Brazilian Glam Body Wash is infused with Brazilian nut oil and maracujá – passionfruit rich in Vitamin C and essential fatty acids. The blend of these oils combined leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and luxurious. I love that both scents permeate the air as soon as you open the bottle.
Both textures are creamy and can even double as a shaving gel or bubble bath alternative. And for those with sensitive skin, yes you can use this product! I actually used both in the same shower and I did not feel itchy nor did I develop a rash and my skin is very sensitive.
Overall, I would highly recommend Tone’s Brazilian Glam line for gals on a luxe-but-conscious budget. It’s reasonably priced, easy to locate, and #FragranceMadeFun.
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This post was sponsored by Tone Skin Care but views are my own. 

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