Kinky Liqueur Pink Vodka

Pink? Who me? Yes, pink is a color I don’t usually gravitate towards but I couldn’t resist the allure of KINKY Pink Liqueur. With these long summer nights, relaxing on my fire escape and watching the sunset with a cocktail in hand is how I love to spend my evenings. What a hotter way to cool off than with KINKY Pink Liqueur

Kinky Liqueur Pink Vidka Kinky Liqueur Pink Vodka

I know what you’re thinking – a pink drink? But pink doesn’t mean girly – it means kinky.

KINKY Pink Liqueur is a vodka-based beverage distilled 5 times with mango, blood orange, and passion fruit – which gives it it’s tropical hue and flavor. It’s a ready-made cocktail in a bottle. Served over ice and topped with club soda, KINKY Pink Liqueur is the easiest and naughtiest way to enjoy summer cocktails.

Not into pre-made drinks? Try KINKY Vodka. The recipes to concoct are endless. There’s definitely something for everyone.

Kinky Liqueur Pink Vodka  

Kinky Liqueur Pink Vodka Kinky Liqueur Pink Vodka Kinky Liqueur Pink Vodka

The easiest and most refreshing cocktail recipe you can make this summer featuring KINKY Pink Liqueur:

2 oz KINKY Pink Liqueur
1 oz silver tequila
Top off cocktail with seltzer or club soda
Add a splash of lime, and enjoy.

View more recipes and learn more about KINKY beverages here.

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