One of my favorite things to do in life is to find a great deal – groceries, thrift finds, extra 20% off clearance price at H&M, you name it! I absolutely love to find everything at a great price. I hardly ever buy anything full price, especially clothing. Everything eventually goes on sale right? And subconsciously, I would feel guilty buying anything full price because my parents didn’t raise me that way. So one of my new favorite ways to save even more is by shopping online consignment.
I’ve tried to cut back on shopping and my habits have decreased over the last year, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. Besides, are you really spending money if you’re saving 90% off? It’s practically free. One of my newest discoveries of shopping on a budget is Swap is an online consignment website where you can find some amazing deals. Everything is already discounted, including items that are new with tags. On top of that, they always have discount codes to save even more. *cough* You can save 40% off your purchase using my code 22GRAND., Online Consignment
This puffer from brand K Too is so on trend. I still cannot believe I found it for this price. It’s not particularly warm but I’m sure I can sacrifice a little warmth for fashion.
Shop my looks, Online Consignment
This skirt, though! Pairing it with thigh high boots 1. Makes me look taller than I actually am, 2. Makes me feel like Franny Fine from The Nanny – a winning combination., Online Consignment
Check out my video below to find out pricing details and a short lookbook of my finds!

Don’t forget to use my code 22GRAND at checkout on to save 40% off your purchase. Tell me below what great deals you find!
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