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Michelob ULTRA

If you’ve read my most recent blog posts, you’ll notice a consistent theme for the year and that is overall being more healthy. Mentally, physically, and financially – I am committing to making healthier changes to my overall lifestyle. My latest form of self-care includes 10-minute meditation, reading a chapter of my current book, and sipping a Michelob ULTRA.

Ok, I know what you may be thinking – “Girl, how is beer a part of your new healthy routine?”. Michelob ULTRA is the ultimate fitness beer. It only has 95 caloires and 2.6 carbs. And since part of my healthy lifestyle routine includes cutting back on certain foods and sugar, Michelob ULTRA fits right in.

Michelob ULTRA

When I come home from a stressful day or even when I’m just ready to unwind, I like to start my evening by doing a 10-minute meditating session. I admit, meditating with no distraction (especially in NYC when fire trucks are constantly whizzing by) is a challenge. As bad as it sounds, not checking my phone for 10 whole minutes can be a task but I am dedicated to unplugging.

Michelob ULTRA

After meditation I sit quietly on my brand new couch with a cold, refreshing Michelob ULTRA. I love how light it is, even in comparison to other “light” beers. The clean palate is good for sipping alone or pairing with any of your favorite meals. And how could you not like to feel relaxed also knowing you’re not guzzling a bunch of calories in one bottle?

In effort to bring you closer to your fitness and health goals this year, Michelob ULTRA launched their 95K Experiences Sweepstakes. Some examples of instant-win prizes include: A ClassPass Trial Membership, A Prize and much more!

Michelob ULTRA

How are you staying committed to your health goals this year?


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