Blason Louis Wine Kit

Wine – a millennial woman’s favorite pastime. Or is it just me? I remember when I first discovered wine. I started out drinking Pinot Grigio. It sounded fancy and was light enough on my unsophisticated palette. Plus, it was one of the only wines I felt I could pronounce out loud. As time grew on, I wanted to expand my wine knowledge. I dabbled in Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernets, and Pinot Noir (still a go-to), but there are so many wines that go undiscovered. Blason Louis is looking to change that. Blason Louis is a wine discovery kit that gets delivered directly to your home.

Blason Louis Wine Kit

Blason Louis Wine Kit

Inside the wine kit are two falcons of wine which equate to one 3.5 oz serving each. The box also includes tasting notes on the two wines, and history on the winemaker and region. Each curated box from Blason Louis allows you to discover wines from every region in a non-pretentious way. I love how detailed the tasting notes are. For wine newbies or connoisseurs, it provides information on the both the nose and mouth notes in each wine. And each falcon includes a patented technology to help preserve all of the aromatic flavors. After 3-5 minutes of letting your wine breathe, it’s ready to drink!

Blason Louis Wine Kit

The subscription price is as follows:

Box of 2 glasses: $15.99/month for 12 months, $17.99/month for 6 months or $19.99/month pay each month.

Box of 4 glasses: $25.99/month for 12 months, $27.99/month for 6 months or $29.99/month pay each month.

But using my code ‘twentytwogrand‘ here (under ‘who invited you’) will get your first month free!


And if you love the falcon, you can get the full bottle for 25% off the retail price.

I love the idea of this kit. Wine subscriptions are very popular but it’s so risky ordering full bottles of wine that you’re unfamiliar with. Ordering a wine discovery kit allows you to discover what notes and flavors you’re attracted to without any huge commitment. Plus it’s so cute for a date night, girl’s night in, or even hosting a wine tasting party.

On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with a date night for one. Dress up and stay in and treat yo’self!

Don’t forget to use my code ‘twentytwogrand‘ here for your first month free! And visit Blason Louis for more information.

Blason Louis Wine Kit


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