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As a part-time blogger and full time hustler, I am always on the go. This boss babe journey I’m on is non-stop. One minute I’m working on my blog at a cafe and the next I’m running all over town to run errands or a blogger meet-up. And contrary to popular belief, New York summers get just as hot as the winters get cold. So during these warm temperatures, I stay fresh on-the-go with Summer’s Eve®  Blissful Escape™

Summer's Eve Wipes

For the woman who wants to live life with confidence, Summer’s Eve® is the choice for feminine hygiene that elevates her freshness every day. Summer’s Eve® makes products that are clinically tested as safe for cleansing your vagina. The cleansing cloths freshen and are pH balanced, keeping you feeling shower-fresh all day long. Their cloths and washes are designed to remove odor causing bacteria, so that no matter what, you’re ready to be great. 

The cloths inconspicuously fit into any purse for optimal convenience. So fresh and so clean. Summer’s Eve® Blissful Escape™ make it easy to #StartFresh and #StayFresh on even the hottest of days.

Summer's Eve Wipes

Summer’s Eve®  Blissful Escape™ cleansing cloths are also great for post-workout sessions. I just toss them in my bag and go! After my workout, I wipe down with my pH balanced cloth so I can continue on my journey feeling refreshed.

And even better, now you can head to Target for the exclusive Blissful Escape™ scent available in a 15oz Feminine Cleansing Wash and a 16-count Cloth pack. Bonus: save 20% with Cartwheel through June 30, 2018.

How are you staying fresh this summer?


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