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Do you make sure you’re staying hydrated while traveling? I know it can be a bit of a task. Who wants to constantly use the bathroom in the airport, let alone in the cramped lavatory. But to avoid being dehydrated and having a puffy face upon deplaning, I’m bringing my Himalayan Water along with me on my cross country flight.

Himalayan Natural Mineral Water is a naturally balanced mineral water sourced directly from the Shivalik Range in the Himalayan Mountains. The water is never touched by human hands, as every drop filters through the mountains for 20 years until it arrives in a confined aquifer 400 feet below ground. It is bottled at the source and brought to the United States.  The balanced pH and the ideal proportions of minerals and electrolytes create a smooth, great taste making Himalayan Water the premium balanced water to fit into your balanced life. Plus, the bottle is so chic and is designed to resemble the mountains it’s sourced from.

Staying hydrated with mineral water while traveling is so important because drinking those complimentary sugary drinks depletes the body’s water storage. You should be aiming to stay hydrated before, during, and after your flight, especially for flights longer than three or four hours. Dehydration causes fatigue, nausea, and headaches. However, you should avoid chugging water all at once. Drinking water too fast dilutes the blood and your kidneys get rid of the water before it actually hydrates your body.

Other tips:

Hydrate your face and body externally

You can transfer Himalayan Water to a spray bottle and mist your face and body throughout your flight to keep your skin supple. And as a beauty rights of passage, after spraying your face do a sheet mask to soak in all of that hydration.


Lay low on the alcohol

Duty free is tempting but lay low on the alcohol. But if you must, follow up with Himalayan Water after every drink to stay hydrated.


Eat food high in potassium

Bananas are not only an easy snack to travel with but they have contain lots of potassium, which hydrates the body and wards off headaches.


Will you be packing Himalayan Water on your next trip?


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