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Busy, productive, or both? I swear sometimes it all overlaps. The constant hustle and bustle of living in NYC on top of trying to chase my dreams and stay healthy is no easy feat. So, what if you could spend less time checking for leaks, and more time enjoying the activities that keep you healthy and fit with a feminine liner designed for exercise?

Introducing the new U by Kotex Fitness. All products within this collection are shaped to fit and flex with your body, and uniquely created for exercise. Designed specifically for bodies in motion, each U by Kotex Fitness product offers you comfortable protection that stays in place—so you don’t have to!
U by Kotex Fitness

Lately, I’ve been into yoga. Initially I thought it was on the easier side of the fitness spectrum but if you do it right you can really sculpt a lean body. But I’ve always been self conscious about any type of physical activity during my period – with my biggest concern being leaks. Having your period already makes you feel bloated and icky as it is and the last thing I want to be worried about are leaks through my yoga pants. But U by Kotex Fitness is so flexible and really designed for women in motion. So instead of taking a few days off from working out during my period, I now look forward to it knowing U by Kotex Fitness has my back (literally).

U by Kotex Fitness
All of the U by Kotex Fitness products are:

• Comfortable protection for bodies in motion
• Shaped to fit and flex with your body
• Designed for exercise

• Unique wings stay in place so you don’t have to
• Soft, absorbent cover helps keep you dry
• Unique shape for exercise

• DualFlex Zones* move with you to keep
protection where you need it
• Unique super soft cover for comfort

• Worry-free protection now with a protective pack
• Protects your protection
• Durable, compact and discreet
• Smooth tip for easy insertion
• Pull until you hear it click
• Extends to full size
• Expands all around for total protection in every

Women should never feel oppressed by our period. Empower yourself to become a period boss by shopping the complete line of U by Kotex Fitness tampons, pads and liners at Walgreens.

U by Kotex Fitness



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